Draw My Life!

Let me begin this by saying a HUGE thank you to Shona Abhyankar and Kealey Rigden at Ebury for sending me a copy of Draw My Life. It all happened purely because I saw Shona tweeting about it and sent a tweet expressing how fab it looked; soon after I found myself being offered a copy!

I’ll be straight up honest right now and say I cannot draw to save my life. I have taken some snapshots of my ‘artwork’ to show you here, but they’re nowhere near as impressive as the likes of those on YouTube. I also have a distinct lack of drawing implements, so had to settle for biros and highlighters.

But nevertheless, it was extreme fun, and if you like doodling/journaling, I would definitely recommend it. It was quite nice to take a walk back through my life and remember all the good times, the funny times, and even some not-so-good times. I haven’t quite made it through the whole book yet, but I have enjoyed looking at the things that are yet to come and I’m sure it will be brilliant to have a go at them.

So take a look at my (horrendous) drawings here and have a go yourself if you fancy it!

Draw My Life is published by Ebury.

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