The Ginny Weasley Story

So a couple of times recently people have come up to me to talk about Ginny Weasley. Which happens when it’s part of my Twitter bio.

I categorise myself firstly and fore-mostly as a Ginny Weasley. I was never a Hermione. Whilst young girls growing up were delighting over her bushy hair and how smart it was to be brave, I got it, I understood it (I mean, I used to take carrier bags that were full to breaking point home from the library), but I never felt like a Hermione. I was a Ginny. Which I think is rarer.

But let me be clear, I was – and still am – a very specific Ginny (which you’ll see up there in the bio). BOOK GINNY. Who we all know is very different to Movie Ginny. No disrespect to Bonnie Wright (and we may never know if it was Bonnie or the writers that totally destroyed my second favourite Harry Potter character. (Ron, in case you were wondering)) but Movie Ginny is a completely separate entity to Ginny on the pages, the Ginny I knew from my childhood.

Book Ginny is fiery and determined, passionate and fearless, she leads with her heart and feels everything keenly on that page. She didn’t let her crush on Harry Potter stop her from doing the most awesome Bat-Bogey Hex and she didn’t let his crush on Cho Chang stop her from storming down to the Ministry and testing the waters with dating other guys.

These graphics say it perfectly. Everything I’ve ever been annoyed about.

Ginny is so much more than a love interest and I hate that the films reduced her to a shadow of her former self.

So I stand up, proud to be a Ginny, with all of her heart and her dynamism and the proof that if you just live your best life and try and be the best version of yourself, that will probably win the hero’s heart more than ‘meep meeping’. And if not, just be the hero yourself.

Let’s discuss this please? Comment below or on Twitter and tell me what you think? Are you a Ginny or am I talking nonsense?


2 thoughts on “The Ginny Weasley Story

    • I once saw an interview with Bonnie Wright where she said ‘Ginny’s quite a shy character’ and I just thought ‘You really don’t get this character AT ALL’ – they are two separate entities in my opinion.

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