I’ve often toyed with blogging. I did have a blog around three or four years ago that was quite regularly just a splurge of words, which rarely made a true comment on anything and was found highly entertaining by my friends. I also had my (in my opinion) successful year abroad blog, which documented my time in Granada, Spain.

But here I enter the foray of a slightly more mature version of my original blog. Rather than just writing anything and everything that comes into my head – and rather than thinking I have a deadline to adhere to – with this blog I intend to comment on that which I find stimulating: books, films, theatre – creative outlets. But I’m not holding back. Creative Commentary will make just that – a commentary on these creative outlets and a look behind-the-scenes at their journeys to fruition.

As a long time lover and student of literature over time I’ve formed clear and firm ideas about the books I’ve read, which might not always be the popular view. But in this world, we must be critical and we must be firm.

Now about me, a small introduction.

I have always been an avid reader and part of the literary community. When I was a child the highlight of my year would be going with my parents to the bookshop before a holiday and gathering as many as I could carry in my tiny arms to purchase. As I grew, reading became not only pleasurable but part of my education, and I pursued a degree in English Literature and Hispanic Studies, with which I am pleased to have graduated from the University of Birmingham with First-Class Honours.

Now, I seek to turn this love of reading into a career, and combine it with my love of publishing, and be equally successful with that.

Aside from my ability to have four books on the go at once, with pages marked down in various rooms of the house, I also have a knack for guessing songs within the first five seconds of their playing and I can watch endless episodes of American TV back to back.

Hopefully you might find this blog insightful – maybe only my Grandma will read it (which I fear might have been the case with my year abroad blog). Either way, I’m looking forward to getting my thoughts down on the page, which in essence is what a writing career is all about.

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